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    810000 - Diaper Daredevils

    This class is geared toward the exploration of movement in a safe and fun environment. Our coaches will instruct parents on how to help their children use gymnastics equipment safely and effectively. Fine and gross motor skills are introduced as well as irresistible group activities, such as a large obstacle course and bubble time. All participants must be enrolled to participate. Parent/guardian participation required.

          Status      Cart IconActivityDescription      Single IconDatesTimesDaysLocation
    UnavailableRead Notice810000-01Diaper DaredevilsItem Details09/11/17 - 10/23/17 9:00A - 9:30AMCivic Center
    AvailableAdd to Cart810000-02Diaper DaredevilsItem Details10/30/17 - 12/18/17 9:00A - 9:30AMCivic Center
    UnavailableRead Notice810000-11Diaper DaredevilsItem Details09/13/17 - 10/25/17 9:00A - 9:30AWCivic Center
    AvailableAdd to Cart810000-12Diaper DaredevilsItem Details11/01/17 - 12/20/17 9:00A - 9:30AWCivic Center
    UnavailableRead Notice810000-51Diaper DaredevilsItem Details09/12/17 - 10/24/17 9:00A - 9:30ATuCivic Center
    AvailableAdd to Cart810000-52Diaper DaredevilsItem Details10/31/17 - 12/19/17 9:00A - 9:30ATuCivic Center
    UnavailableRead Notice810000-53Diaper DaredevilsItem Details09/14/17 - 10/26/17 9:00A - 9:30AThCivic Center
    AvailableAdd to Cart810000-54Diaper DaredevilsItem Details11/02/17 - 12/21/17 9:00A - 9:30AThCivic Center
    UnavailableRead Notice810000-61Diaper DaredevilsItem Details09/15/17 - 10/27/1710:00A - 10:30AFCivic Center
    AvailableAdd to Cart810000-62Diaper DaredevilsItem Details11/03/17 - 12/22/1710:00A - 10:30AFCivic Center
    UnavailableRead Notice810000-71Diaper DaredevilsItem Details09/16/17 - 10/28/17 9:00A - 9:30ASaCivic Center
    AvailableAdd to Cart810000-72Diaper DaredevilsItem Details11/04/17 - 12/16/17 9:00A - 9:30ASaCivic Center
    UnavailableRead Notice810000-73Diaper DaredevilsItem Details09/16/17 - 10/28/1711:00A - 11:30ASaCivic Center
    AvailableAdd to Cart810000-74Diaper DaredevilsItem Details11/04/17 - 12/16/1711:00A - 11:30ASaCivic Center

    810100 - Creative Climbers

    Children will enjoy jumping, climbing, and more! The focus is on developing coordination through motor skills with a strong emphasis on socialization and group involvement. Coaches will guide parents through helping their child use the gymnastics equipment safely and effectively. All participants must be enrolled to participate. Parent/guardian participation required.

          Status      Cart IconActivityDescription      Single IconDatesTimesDaysLocation
    AvailableAdd to Cart810100-22Creative ClimbersItem Details10/30/17 - 12/20/17 9:30A - 10:00AM, WCivic Center
    AvailableAdd to Cart810100-24Creative ClimbersItem Details10/30/17 - 12/20/1710:00A - 10:30AM, WCivic Center
    UnavailableRead Notice810100-31Creative ClimbersItem Details09/12/17 - 10/24/17 9:30A - 10:00ATuCivic Center
    AvailableAdd to Cart810100-32Creative ClimbersItem Details10/31/17 - 12/19/17 9:30A - 10:00ATuCivic Center
    UnavailableRead Notice810100-33Creative ClimbersItem Details09/12/17 - 10/24/1710:00A - 10:30ATuCivic Center
    AvailableAdd to Cart810100-34Creative ClimbersItem Details10/31/17 - 12/19/1710:00A - 10:30ATuCivic Center
    UnavailableRead Notice810100-41Creative ClimbersItem Details09/14/17 - 10/26/17 9:30A - 10:00AThCivic Center
    AvailableAdd to Cart810100-42Creative ClimbersItem Details11/02/17 - 12/21/17 9:30A - 10:00AThCivic Center
    AvailableAdd to Cart810100-44Creative ClimbersItem Details11/02/17 - 12/21/1710:30A - 11:00AThCivic Center
    UnavailableRead Notice810100-61Creative ClimbersItem Details09/15/17 - 10/27/17 9:00A - 9:30AFCivic Center
    AvailableAdd to Cart810100-62Creative ClimbersItem Details11/03/17 - 12/22/17 9:00A - 9:30AFCivic Center
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